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[Saturday, Jul. 12, 2003 | 3:30 am]

Are you the kind of person who ponders life, death, life after death, the cosmos, or the past, present, and future?

I am this kind of person. I torture my mind, and often my very well-being, with questions that human-kind may never know the answers to - possibilities that, as yet, have no way to be checked or solved.

Sometimes I come up with a psuedo-answer in my mind. It could be considered a belief I suppose, though I've never really had any.

I pick apart a situation until I feel I've found something that no one else has considered. Of course, this doesn't happen often and it is most likely that many others have come to a similar conclusion which simply hasn't reached "popular belief." That certainly doesn't mean it wasn't worthwhile to deliberate it. So, I would have to say that one "belief" I do have is that people should take time to contemplate the universe.

But be warned, contemplating such things too much can lead to depression. In certain subjects, you may reach a conclusion that you won't be able to reconcile. I know this first hand. You could say it's one of the reasons for starting this journal - to put my mind's findings in front of me so I can possibly analyze myself in them. In a way, I'm placing myself in my own therapy sessions. Perhaps I can look back on my thoughts later and something will come to me that I hadn't considered before and I'll be able to "move on" with a fresh idea or train of thought.

I'm a thinker.

A lyric just now surfaced in my mind, one that I have pondered before. Perhaps I'll write an entry full of the thoughts it brings to mind. Here is that lyric:

The Thinker sits alone, growing older and so bitter. --David Bowie, Space Oddity "The Cygnet Committee" (1969)

Exercise your mind. Thank you for reading.

(can't alter your past) - (can't escape your destiny)

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