Mischief Managed *taps wand*

[Wednesday, Sept. 30, 2009 | 9:23 pm]

How can dreams be simply a manifestation of memories or imagined scenarios when you can wake within them and alter your environment? When I awake within a dream, I can get a closer look at things. I can turn wood to marshmallow if I want. I can create people, fly, change the colors of nature, alter my appearance. I can make people say and do what I wish. It's like being in another world where I have control. It's there, you can touch it, interact with it. You can stand there, looking around, knowing you're, well, inside your own mind! And you feel like an ordinary person, only, without concerns of hunger or being hot or cold or tired. Such things don't apply there. You feel what you want to feel. You can do whatever you want to do.

Well, that's not entirely true for me. A lot of what I try to do in a dream seems not to be allowed. And there have been some instances where it felt like I was fighting with another mind for control. There's no other way I can describe it.

Why isn't it impossible to become lucid? How can the dream still be there around you if you know it's a dream? Why doesn't the onset of lucidity mean the end of the dream? Why does the dream end when the body wakes up? When we become lucid (when our mind wakes), the dream can continue. When the body wakes, the dream can only be perceived through memory. Often very elusive memory.

What is it that cuts off the dream when the body is active? Something must, because we could not physically function perceiving two "realities" at once. The dream world must be cut off, prevented from interfering with the five senses.

And what's going on when you wake for a brief time and then go back to sleep to fall into the same dream with an amount of time passed within the dream to account for the time you were away on that 3am bathroom break? Were things happening while you were awake? Are dreams always happening? Do we just visit when we sleep?

How can dreams surprise us? We have imaginations, yes, but how do dreams show us things we've never actively considered?

How can our real-life mind be within a "dream body" when it's our mind that created the whole of the dream reality? How can we look in wonder at something that we created ourselves? How is it we do not recognize certain elements of a dream when our own minds created every minute detail of what we're looking at and experiencing?

Radical theory time. What if. . . .

The evolution of man's intelligence brought awareness of death. With that awareness came fear to accompany the survival instinct. The fear caused our minds to create another existence somehow. I don't know how. We can visit this other existence in dreams, which our mind allows as a way of preparing us for that existence.

What about ghosts? Under certain conditions, could this other self be returning to "the real world." (In astral projection, are we "living ghosts"?) Earth's electromagnetic field might have something to do with it. We have bio-electricity. It's all electricity. Electricity is power. And power is the ability to do work.

Ghosts seem to be very solitary. What if life after death is life within our own dream world (which can sometimes touch this reality) where we can afford to be solipsistic because that truly would be our condition?

There are probably all kinds of holes in this "theory." One may ask, What about infants who have almost no life experience to inspire dreams? What about dogs? They obviously dream. I don't know, I admit.

Maybe I just don't know enough about dreams, but who does? How many studies have been done, and where are their definitive answers? Just something to think about.

(can't alter your past) - (can't escape your destiny)

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