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Planning to Revisit Some Old Haunts
[Tuesday, Jun. 10, 2008 | 10:16 pm]

I have a Sony omnidirectional microphone on the way to add to my ghost hunting kit. I'm still shopping around for the best deal I can get on a good digital voice recorder. Got my eye on one on eBay that's really nice. I've also found a nice brass magnetic compass.
(Update: #1 Just got a Sony digital voice recorder with USB and 30+ hours HQ recording. #2 Just bought a copy of The Ghost Hunter's Guidebook by Troy Taylor.)

I am serious about this. I want to try to connect. I want to give ghosts the chance to communicate if they wish. Who knows? Some may linger wishing for a chance that someone living will notice them and be without fear, that someone take an interest in and reach out to them.

My grandmother's land isn't the only location I have in mind. There are areas around where my other grandmother lives that I intend to check out.

There's also another old cemetery I have to find. I've only been there once with some friends around 13 years ago. It's old and unkempt, with headstones dating back centuries. I remember some had wordings on them that just aren't used anymore.

It wasn't a planned visit, and no one was there for any ghost stories anyone had heard. I broke away from them to walk among the graves. There was definitely something in the air. I felt as though I were being studied as much as I was studying the place. I wanted to speak to what I sensed, but I didn't want the people I was with to think me any more strange than I was already believed to be. But I felt that our presence roused something there. I want to find that forgotten place again.

(can't alter your past) - (can't escape your destiny)

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Planning to Revisit Some Old Haunts

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