Mischief Managed *taps wand*

[Sunday, May. 24, 2009 | 3:20 pm]

Earlier, something really strange happened. I was standing at my kitchen sink, rinsing the coffee pot, and it seemed a large fuzzy shadow was cast from behind me, coming toward me. Everything dimmed. The sight of it likely caused me to feel the presence, but feel it I did. I "knew" my husband had come up behind me and was blocking out the light. I turned, but didn't see him. I looked all around before realizing he was still in the bedroom, and the bedroom door was closed!

I stopped, opened my mind, and tried hard to listen with that sense beyond physical hearing, but there was nothing. At least, nothing I could hear.

When the shadowy darkness dimmed all around me, the only thing moving, besides the running water, was my arm, swirling the water in the coffee pot. There was nothing behind me or anywhere around me that could have blocked the light.

I'm not sure that whatever it was was actually obstructing the light. Maybe it could be better described as being more like a darkness surrounding me, an absence of light.

But I felt it, too! Or was it only an expectant feeling, as I believed it was my tall, large-framed husband who had come up behind me? I don't know. I hate not knowing!

(can't alter your past) - (can't escape your destiny)

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